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help nepal


Human Effort Nepal is an independent non profitable non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Nepal in 2010. Human Effort Nepal is a network of experienced and dedicated social workers representing from various socio-cultural and ethical background. We work with the local communities to explore and offer the fair help opportunities and contribute to implement the various responsible projects to promote peoples’ livelihood socially and economically. Our effort, no matter how small, combined with the efforts of local communities can collectively make a big difference.



Our mission is “Empowering community to overcome poverty putting in ones self-help”.


Our goal is to promote livelihood of the rural community as to demonstrate a holistic community development model where all the basic human requirements are sustainably fulfilled.


  1. help to enrich socio-economy of the focused communities
  2. organize recreational activities for the Human Effort Nepal trustees
  3. foster a international campaign to establish Human Effort Nepal network


Our motto is connecting people, enriching lives by doing all the good we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as we ever can. We believe that our little contribution may worth millions for other.

Human Effort Nepal Initiatives

All the generous initiatives aim to develop and promote a sustainable “Community Development Model” in Nepal. Human Effort Nepal initiates the following major activities;

  1. Placement of volunteer in creative social services in Nepal. One can help from their own country as well.
  2. Organize thematic tours and eco adventures which also help to generate funds for the project implementation.
  3. Implement sustainable and eco friendly socio-economy enriching projects:
    • Economic development activities – skill and technology intervention for income generation
    • Social development activities – education, health care and social welfare
    • Environment protection activities – eco farming and eco friendly infrastructure


Fund Generation

To implement various community projects, we generate funds by the following ways;

  • Membership fees from the help network members and volunteers
  • Surplus generated from community based thematic tours and eco adventures
  • Fair donations from the individuals and institutions all over the world
  • Bidding various projects announced by national and internal organization
  • Fees from consultancy services


How you can contribute?

We request people from all over the world for generous help. These are the ways you can be part of this mission;

  • Join as a volunteer in creative active social services in Nepal
  • Join our community treks and tours. You can recommend your relatives and friends.
  • Generate funds to implement humanitarian projects in Nepal.
  • Donate supplies for schools, healthposts and disaster victims.
  • Sponsor school children, orphans for study and livelihood.
  • Buy local products prepared by community members.