Through programs such as “Buddy Bags”,  we strive to help feed hungry students throughout South Lake County, Indiana.

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Tis the season of light and hope; a season that would usually be filled with family gatherings, travel and parties. But this has been a year like no other year we have known. 2020 has been a year that has stretched the limits of our patience, forced us to find new ways to do just about everything and tested our Faith like never before.

I am reminded of the quote of my friend Page’s grandmother, “Remember, the Bible said it came to pass, not it came to stay.”

For Buddy Bags this has been a year of enormous growth. The formation of Community Help Network, Inc. in April of this year, has facilitated that growth. We were blessed with the gracious offer of space from ARC of Northwest Indiana. We now have room for even more growth.

In September of 2017 one hundred thirty-nine Buddy Bags were delivered to low-income students at one Crown Point Elementary School. Today we provide help to over four hundred fifty students in eight schools in three school districts.

The economic effects of the pandemic have forced millions of Americans into poverty, including many families in the communities of South Lake County. These are “new poor”; people unprepared and unsure where to look for help.

We are here to help. In mid-January we will open a Household Pantry in our new facility at 550 East Burrell Drive, Crown Point. We will provide to our Buddy Bag families items that cannot be purchased with Food Stamps. Things like hygiene items, cleaning supplies and paper products. We will also offer grocery cards and gas cards when the budget allows. Our mission is to help these families get back on their feet.

We end 2020 so grateful for all of you. Because you care, lives are changed.

We look forward to a kinder, gentler 2021 and continuing to build on our relationship with you and those we help.

May your holidays be blessed, bountiful and safe.

Household Pantry