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Now through Giving Tuesday (November 30th) CHN will be shining a light on our wonderful, dedicated volunteers.  We are so grateful for their time and their commitment to helping these students.  They help to pack bags, they pick up food from grocery stores, they donate their time and their money, they deliver bags to the schools, they stock shelves, they check expiration dates and countless other tasks that help to keep the bellies of these children full and the pantry for their parents stocked.  These volunteers are…amazing.   During this time of Thanksgiving, you’ll see a different volunteer highlighted each day.  Help us in thanking them for their service and their passion to helping those who need it most in our community. 

In honor of these volunteers we are accepting donations, which will be matched by an anonymous CHN volunteer, up to $5,000 through Giving Tuesday.

Countdown to Giving Tuesday: THREE Days! Please help us reach our $5,000 goal! We are a little more than halfway there. Please us match that $5,000 if you can.

Venus Wright

“I enjoy helping others; the ones who can’t get out, the parents who are working and the children who need help.  I also love working with the ladies here.”

Ruth Argenta

“Fighting food insecurity has always been a passion of mine.  I’m a dietician, and I like to spend my time volunteering to help with food insecurity.”

Pam Maud

“I knew our church had been involved with Buddy Bags for a number of years.  After I retired, I was able to volunteer with Community Help Network along with other organizations.”

Barbara Woods

“Before I retired, I was a social worker for an inner city school in Indianapolis.  I was excited to get involved in this group because, growing up, we always had lots of extra kids at our dinner table.  They came to our house because they didn’t have enough food to eat at their own homes.  I was happy to find out I could get involved with a similar organization here in NWI.”

Donna Moser

“I heard about this group through Dian Reyome and now that I have more time, I can volunteer.  I believe in this organization.”

Janelle Haack

“Bonnie and the church (First United Methodist) got me involved in Community Help Network.  I like the idea that we’re helping all these kids.  I was a special needs teacher for Crown Point High School for 35 years and I know there is a need for Buddy Bags.”

Pauline Strong

“I retired from Ford so I have extra time on my hands now to volunteer.  I became aware of Community Help Network from church and from Bonnie.  I love that we’re helping the kids and that I work with so many nice people.”

Carrie Mayden

“I’ve always been a volunteer since I was a kid.  I’ve heard about this organization and found out they were low on fruit snacks a few months ago.  Once I came in to deliver the fruit snacks, I found out there were more opportunities to volunteer.  We all work together to make this community better.”

Bette Oesterle

“I saw Bonnie at church and she told me about this program.  I knew I had to get involved.  Feeding these kids and seeing the volunteers come together to get the job done is wonderful.  I love seeing all the people here working together to help.”

John Harris

“My wife is a school counselor at Lake Prairie Elementary in Lowell.  She heard about this group and asked if the church (Lowell Church of Christ) could get involved.  We try to be as involved as we can within the community and this was a no-brainer.  I was born and raised in Texas but have been here for 19 years now.  I’m a pastor at the Lowell Church of Christ and the coach for the boys and girls golf team as well for Lowell High School.  I love what I do.”

Vickie Miller

“I like to be able to help children.  It breaks my heart to think that any child would be hungry.  I enjoy all the people that volunteer here and the camaraderie.  I’ve even made a few new friends, too.”

Today is the day!! #GivingTuesday is here and today is the last day to have your donations MATCHED (!!) up to $5,000 from an anonymous donor to support CHN Buddy Bags. Head to www.communityhelpnet.org to donate.
Thank you for considering us as you are looking to give back this holiday season. Each gift is helping local children to have a little bit more happiness and a little less hunger. Thank you, friends, family and businesses. We see you and we are grateful for you.
Our Volunteer Spotlight today is showcasing Paul Sills (Happy Birthday, Paul!!) and Denny Woods. Paul is a loyal volunteer and CHN Volunteer Board Member. He is a dependable and loyal volunteer who is always the first to lift a heavy box or open the door for someone. He volunteers with a smile on his face and brightens the day for all of us when he’s around. We’re grateful to have you in the Buddy Bag family, Paul! Paul Sills
Denny Woods: “We just moved up here two years ago from New Palestine. Once we found a church we started looking for ways to get involved. We saw this as an opportunity to help out for a good cause.” Thank you for ALL that you do, Denny! We’re lucky to see you nearly every week in the warehouse.

We would like to take this moment to highlight some of the other men of Community Help Network.

Ken Kramer and his group of volunteer deliverers from the Crown Point First Christian Reformed Church have been with Buddy Bags almost from the beginning. 

We are so grateful to their dedication and support and also to the support from their church.